Liberate Men from Responsibilities

October 25, 2010

In continuation with my article, “Allow Daughters to take Responsibility legally” and in response to 24 Million Chinese Men Will Remain “Bachelors” by 2020 gender roles are being revisited here. While feminists have always argued for concessions for women, often at the expense of men, citing skewed gender-ratio against girls and have been successful in getting them as well, but men at the same time have been facing tougher and tougher times.

Selective sex abortions and male-preference has been viciously twisted by feminists to unleash male-hatred and piggyback their sinister agenda onto it. As a result boys and men have to live a life without “FREEDOM of CHOICES” and they are forced to don the role of a PROTECTOR and a PROVIDER popularly known as the FREE ATM MACHINE and the UNPAID BODYGUARD.

At the same time, the most risky, menial and dangerous jobs are heaped on to men and the burden of responsibilities of maintaining the family – parents, siblings, wife, children, in-laws, etc. has also been thrust onto men leading to ever increasing and skyrocketing expectations from them and nose-diving acceptance levels for their shortcomings and weaknesses.

And it is because of this skewed balance of responsibilities between men and women, that the society prefers male children over female children. After all, everyone wants someone to take care of in the dusky days and why to have an offspring that cannot be imposed upon with responsibilities. It is not because of some over-flowing extra love for men that male children are preferred.

The situation can be very well explained in terms of economics. Because of preference and because of natural birth ratio of 950 females for every 1000 males, there is an over-supply of men and under-supply of women. As a result, obviously, women have become the prized asset enjoying aggravated levels of protection, pampering and concessions whilst men have become the surplus asset presumed to require no protection and something that can be disposed off with. This phenomenon, which is worldwide and irrelevant of culture or country, has led to the establishment of the Male Disposability as defined below,

Male Disposability is a psychological behavioral and attitudinal syndrome that considers Men as “Disposable and Expendable” and invests very low emotional resources with males which ultimately leads to an environment insensitive to the problems of the male world or one that automatically eliminates weak men (or men finished off with their utility) viewing them as liability,

An explanation of the above definition with statistics is also available at Male Disposability – Myth or Reality.

From a pure economical point of view, the dynamics between returns and risks is a direct function of the investments. Higher the investment, higher the returns and higher the risks involved as well. Big Corporate Houses have a lot of corpus fund to put into business, commerce and trade and as a result they make a lot of money as well but at the same time they do carry heavy risks and the needed potential to absorb huge losses as well.

Similarly since the society invests heavily in women (in terms of social, legal, emotional, economic and academic resources), the returns as well as the risks are extremely high. The returns are available in form of a very balanced and strong emotional health of women that gives many a positive results and the risks are in the form of extra precautions and laws needed for them and the negative results of strong emotional health of women and enhanced expression abilities.

Similarly, for men, as the investment is low (actually very close to zero), both the returns and risks are low. The low returns are manifested in the form of lack of expression from men, reduced capability of emotional confrontation, deformed and mutilated psycho-emotional health and low risks are obviously visible in the various instances of “Male Disposability” and expectation of high risk appetite from men.

However, society is facing a lot of problems. And each problem seems to stem from a string of such problems and also leads to multiple such strings and the whole situation looks like an entangled mesh of problems where each thread is stuck. And if things continue in this way, then it won’t be longer before societal structures crumble and societal power equations dissolve for all time to come with little or no scope of repair.

But as the old adage goes, “World lives on hope”, so is the case here. Still the choice lies with the society to “LIBERATE MEN from RESPONSIBILITIES”, increase its investment in men – socially, legally, emotionally, economically, and academically – and in turn get high returns.

However, one may argue that when things are running, what is the need to take higher risks? It is pertinent to mention here that things are definitely running, but where are they heading to? Are we to wait seeing things run to end? Or take a stand now and alter the future forever, because, nothing in life comes for free. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH AVAILABLE. Everything comes associated with a price tag and many a times the price can be way costlier and precious than money or financial price; a loss that may not be recoverable at all if we do not prevent it now by LIBERATING MEN FROM RESPONSIBILITIES.

How will it help?

Liberating men from responsibilities and dissolving the freedom of choice of responsibilities across both the genders has many advantages.

First and foremost, it will provide men with the much needed space and time that they need for them to do something in life that interests them rather than just donning the humdrum role of a PROTECTING and PROVIDING male. This role often requires men to enter into a rat race and makes the male world extremely competitive, insensitive and violent and in such a case the possibility of the violence and aggression spilling over to other areas of life cannot be ruled out.

In other words, liberating men from responsibilities and giving them the freedom of choice will actually reduce the violent behavior of men to a large extent as opposed to the current style of punishing men. It is but obvious that the methodology is not working because rather than improving the lives of men and the society in general, it is reducing the quality of life. This is clearly evident from the enormously high stress levels in the life of men corroborated by an extremely high and exponentially growing suicide rate of men, reduced life expectancy and mostly men becoming victims of diseases like cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, diabetes – all of which are the direct consequence of abnormally high stress levels.

Lack of expressional capabilities, is a serious and known problem with men; a problem with which even the most renowned psychological counselors are grappling but unable to solve. Liberating men from responsibilities will give men the emotional space needed to develop expressional capabilities as they will move closer to their experiential domain. This will improve the life-quality of men in general and society at large. And this is something that needs to be implemented with our current generation of boys for they are the MEN of the FUTURE.

Liberating men from responsibilities will also mean giving an equal opportunity to women to take upon the same. This will be true empowerment of women as opposed to current and proposed ones which specifically target at punishing men – and it has already been shown above that it is not working.

Entrusting someone with responsibility is a true recognition of capabilities and an undisputed sign of empowerment. This will also lead to increased preference of female children and will solve the problem of gender ratio as well.

Hence, as we see, with a slight change in our attitudes and social perceptions of gender, we can solve some of the most difficult problems the current society is plagued with as opposed to the current way of formulating a new law for every social problem faced.


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