Male Dominated Society! Really?

October 25, 2010

Written by Myth Kumar

Now that’s such a phrase that’s been ingrained in our minds since the very childhood… The boys are told that its a male dominated world, so they don’t have to worry, just dominate the world. Girls on the other hand are continuously taught, that since its a male dominated world out there, so they need to dominate ‘their’ male partners at home and around. Sounds familiar?

Well, amongst all these ‘teachings’, has anyone stopped for a while to look around and ask a simple question… Is it really true? Is it really a male dominated society? Do we call it ‘male dominated’ just because the number of men working outside the house is more than the number of women?

To answer this question, I’ll try to start by digging some past, then look at the present and try to project some future too!

The Glorious Past

Lets start with the distant history… The great mythologies of India; Ramayana & Mahabharat. These are touted as the greatest sagas of the male domination in the country. I wonder why?

Reading Ramayana, I struggled to find out who was really the dominating character… Who was the real perpetrator of violence? Was it any of the male characters? Hell no! Atleast no violence towards any of the female characters. Neaither Ram, Lakshman, nor even Ravan was ever violent towards any woman in the story.

On the contrary, the saga almost begins with the violent women like Keykayi and Manthra… Towards the middle there’s also a mention of the sex-maniac Srupanikha. Speaking of Sita, even Ravan was morbidly afraid of even going near her, as she threatened to kill him! Who do you think was violent here?

The great king Dashrath was dominated by his wife, Keykayi, and not the other way around. He was so dominated that he even sacrificed his fatherly love towards his own sons just to please her. And we say it as ‘male domination’!

Now lets jump over to the other great saga, The Mahabharata… The very beginning of the story depicts how dominated the men were! The so called Brave and Macho King Shantanu was dominated by his wife Ganga. Even before the marriage, she asked him to promise that he’d never question her or her actions after marriage, otherwise she’ll leave him on the 1st question he asks. And this so called macho king of India remained meek for 8 years, while his wife went on killing their 7 sons by drowning them into the river right in front of the father’s eyes, and he didn’t ask one word to her. Why? Just to save his marriage! Do you call it male domination?

Coming to more recent past, hope you’ve not forgot the 400 year old British rule over the world, not so long ago. It was so proudly said, that “the sun never goes down in the British Colony“. And who was ruling the British world? Was it a Male? Nope, it was a Queen! Do you see any ‘male domination’ there? I don’t!

Alright, enough of history lecture, now lets come back to,

The Gloomy Present

Have a look at our own poor country. Who’s ruling the nation? Did you say the Prime minister? Well, think again… Everyone knows the real ruler is not the rubber stamp man! All that credit goes to the great Italian Lady leader up there. Even the other pillar of ruling, the President of India, being a woman herself, is also another rubber stamp in the hands of the same Italian Lady. So where do you see ‘male domination’ out here?

Coming more closer home, Accept the Reality folks, almost every man is dominated by one or the other woman at the house. She could be your mother, GF or Wife. If you are a male, since 10 year old, you are termed as the free bodyguard of your mother, sister, and even their female friends. While growing up, you are always taught to keep the women around you happy by all means. Even if it means giving your life for them. And you say it’s ‘male dominated’ society!

Talking of giving life, FYI, as per the official crime statistics collected by the national body NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau), in the year 2007 alone, almost twice the number of married men (47%) have committed suicides than the number of married women(24.5%). Ever wondered why? Why should double the number of ‘Dominating’ men commit suicides compared to the number of ‘dominated’ women? What can be a simpler answer than the fact, that the dominating & dominated roles are reversed in reality.

Once grown up, you are expected to provide for the entire family, which incidentally consists of a majority of females compared to males. So when you are rubbing your soles and slogging your a$$ just to keep your family in luxury, you are given the false pride of dominatig the world! What a joke! Wake up men, you are being dominated inside out!

The Dreamy Future

If this trend continues, which most likely will, here’s what the (may be distant, may be near) future might look like…

The dominated men around the world, would wake up to the reality. They’d ask for ‘Equality’ in ‘Rights’ to live a life. They’d ask for ‘Equality’ in the ‘Duties’ of the females. They’d not be free bodyguards of the women around them, who take them for granted. They’d not work more than what’s required to keep themselves comfortable in life.

Women proudly claim that they are ‘Equal’ to men, and that they can take care of themselves in all spheres of life. I support them. Let them surely take care of their lives as Equals! Why dominate the men to provide them security and life support?

C’mon men, give your women their sense of ‘Equality’ and leave them alone! Let them work the Same way as you do to provide for themselves! Why slog yourself out just for them?

Why live in a false dreamland of so called ‘Male Dominated’ Society, and why not make it a Human dominated world, where both Males and Females dominate themselves, and be ‘Equals‘ in the right terms?

Now, Shower your Flowers or Hit the Bricks

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