I-VAWA – A ticking social bomb

October 27, 2010

The U.S. Govt. is planning to table a bill in its Senate and the Lower House named the iVAWA which stands for “International Violence against Women Act”. Not to be surprised at all, it will be completely anti-male and in the name of Women Empowerment, Male Entrapment would be passed off as a social service. The U.S. Govt. is planning to release $ 1 billion, which works out to Rs. 4500 Crore for creating awareness about iVAWA and Indian feminists would easily get $ 200 million which works out to Rs. 900 crores for implementing iVAWA. Such an amount of money is sufficiently enough to ruin Indian men’s lives.

Apart from being gender biased, the iVAWA is actually “A Ticking Social Bomb” which will be covered shortly, but before that I will share certain bare facts.

  1. India enacted its first domestic violence laws in 1983, over a decade before the United States passed the Violence against Women Act in 1994. Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code mandates the arrest and jailing of the husband accused of domestic violence, along with his male/female relatives. Under Indian law, such persons are presumed guilty until proven innocent.
  2. According to a survey by Professor Murray Straus of the United States, females in India are more likely to engage in severe domestic violence (punch, hit, kick, or choke) than males.[1] Despite that fact, Indian domestic violence laws consider only women as victims and does not take account the male victims. This method of prevention of domestic violence has miserably failed in India.
  3. In four years from 2004-2008, more than 160,000 women and 550,000 men were arrested and jailed without investigation or trial under the domestic violence legislation Section 498A. These figures are from the National Crime Records Bureau. This is one of the worst violations of civil rights ever reported in India. Therefore, the Indian Home Ministry has directed all the States to stop misuse of this law and put an end to jailing of innocent people.

The above data clearly shows that “Experiments designed to project controlling of Domestic Violence” have not only miserably failed, but they have probably resulted in unintended consequences also as explained above.

And now by way of iVAWA, the U.S. Govt. is spending $ 1 billion which amounts to Rs. 4500 crores on spreading more male hatred in the society and break more families, and all this, when the U.S. is heavily drowned in debt. The Frontline did an exclusive piece on the U.S. economy in Mar 2009 bringing out hard facts about the U.S. economy. The entire video is available at the link.

Highlights of the video are,

  1. The U.S.A. Govt. is having a national debt of 10 Trillion Dollars as of now (i.e. as on the date of the video 24 Mar 2009).
  2. It does not have money to run its daily expenditures as well and borrows money at the rate of 70 Billion Dollars daily at extravagant rates.
  3. This entire fiscal deficit that kept rising and depleted the US treasury was filled by taking loans from China, India, Japan and the Saudi as part of US Treasury Reserve Securities. In fact, currently an estimated 50 Billion Dollars from India, 100 Billion Dollars from China and 120 Billion Dollars from Japan are in the US Treasuries.

A more detailed explanation of the same is available at, “Are we Indians really working for ourselves – Think!

And now the current U.S. debt as per US National Debt Clock stands at $ 12 trillion+ which is around Rs. 550 Lakh Crores. The U.S. is able to maintain such a high debt only because it is considered a developed country and developing countries like India, China, etc. are lending money to the U.S.

With a staggering and ever increasing debt in the vicinity of Rs. 550 Lakh Crores, the U.S. is now planning to approve a further 4500 crores worldwide for spreading more male-hatred under the guise of the implementation of iVAWA. The Violence against Women Act (VAWA) in the U.S. is already a failed experiment and the above economic prescription has proven the financial prowess of American politicians. In such a situation, unleashing another social bomb called the iVAWA and wasting Rs. 4500 crores for that, how prudent would that a decision be for the already fluttering U.S. Govt. is something to ponder over.

Not only that, in order to achieve the $ 1 Billion price tag, the U.S. Govt. will borrow more from countries like India resulting in,

  1. More economic problems,
  2. Higher rate of inflation,
  3. More corruption,
  4. Increased unemployment,
  5. Skyrocketing suicides,

for India to name a few. Added to that, with the money borrowed from India, it will be further used to break the existing family system of India by creating more fatherless children, single-parent families, teenage pregnancies, juvenile crime, drug abuse, etc. with another anti-male, anti-social gender obsessed unconstitutional law, the iVAWA.

The iVAWA is a ticking social bomb waiting to explode. If we the citizens of India want to save India from the catastrophic after-effects of iVAWA, then join me in condemning the law and urging the U.S. Govt. to exclude India from the iVAWA.

Feel free to circulate this article far and wide.

[1] Dominance and symmetry in partner violence by male and female university students in 32 nations. Children and Youth Services Review. Volume 30. 2008, Pages 252-275.

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