Press Release: India Demands US must stop interference in Indian Family System

November 7, 2010


Subject: US hegemony and interference in India’s internal affairs by cultivating  radical feminist groups in the guise of women’s empowerment

The U.S is well known for its hegemony and interference in the internal affairs of other countries including India. The covert U.S hegemony and interference in India’s internal affairs by cultivating and funding radical feminists in the guise of “women’s empowerment” has to end, say the NGOs Save Indian Family Foundation and CRISP. Such cultivated elements will ultimately owe their allegiance to U.S agendas.

Obama and his Government are outsourcing degraded American Family Values (divorce, live-in relationships, abortions, single parenting, and fatherlessness) and policies to India by using arm twisting the Indian Government. The current American Government’s policies that seek to destroy the family amount to grave economic and social interference in India. The United States is once again acting like an arrogant global bully. It is imposing its ideas and disastrous social experiments in India via USAID (US state department wing for charity at US embassy, New Delhi) and many NGOs that it funds. USAID and its funded lobby groups in New Delhi vehemently oppose any efforts by Indian Government towards amendment of the anti-dowry law (section 498a of IPC) to stop its misuse. USAID has also lobbied for the biased badly drafted domestic violence act, which is already being heavily misused. All these efforts of US funded lobbies are interference in India to undermine Indian family system. AID is used as a front to push vested interests with pro-American stand into parliament, with a motive to eventually control India and the Indian Government. In short, the United States, by exporting its Radical Feminist Ideology.

All these “Ugly American” initiatives as usual show arrogance and no respect for the local cultures, heritage and values of individual nations.

Extensive SIFF studies have found that, the export of Failed American Social Experiments to India will lead to disastrous consequences for Indian Society and will adversely impact the lives of millions of Indian children as the family system breaks. Are the Indian politicians and Union Ministers listening as they spread the red carpet for Obama and his team or are they simply spreading their hands in the hope of a handout?

For partisan vote bank politics, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and current US Government promote policies, which will break family system and will lead to divorces, abortions and single parenting around the world.

  • One out of 4 teenage girls in United States has Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). This is a huge epidemic like situation. All these girls are aged between 14-19 years of age. (Source: American Centre for Disease Control)
  • There were 8,20,000 abortions in United States last year alone.
  • 40% of American children are born to unmarried women.
  • 10% of American children are born to teenage girls between ages of 15-19.
  • One out of 5 American Children lives in poverty.
  • 80% of prison inmates in US have not seen their father ever.
  • The homicide/murder rate in US is double that of India.
  • Children from broken homes in US are
  • 10.8 times more likely to commit rape.
  • 4.6 times more likely to commit suicide.

We urge Obama to fix his own society and economy first before indulging in unethical global experiments for US hegemony. Indian Family Values are founded on abstinence and post marital faithfulness (which are incidentally the same fundamental values propounded for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases) and not the economic prosperity of condom manufacturers.

Barack Obama and his democrat party are strong supporters of the choice of women to abort the unborn child without informing the husband or father of the child. When abortions are not socially and morally discouraged, this can seriously worsen situations like female feticide in India. This exposes double standards of vested interests, which on one hand protest female feticide, and on the other hand support unfettered abortions. This is against religious, ethical Indian values.

Vote Bank politics, particularly on the basis of race or religion etc damage the society irretrievably. Gender vote bank politics are no less. It does not solve women’s issues, men’s issues or children’s issues. Only politicians gain at the expense of the future assets of our country – children (of broken families).

If Obama is really sincere, then he would have first solved the issue of high incidence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, teenage pregnancies and crime in United States before getting involved in global women’s issues.

For the past few decades, the United States, especially the Democrat Governments led by Bill Clinton promoted family breaking and single motherhood by alienating fathers from their children by introducing draconian domestic violence laws, which consider all men as aggressors and all women as victims. The same experiments are conducted in India now.

On 27th October, Obama talked about issue of Domestic Violence and he painted it black and white, i.e. “Men are the aggressors and women are victims”. He was in complete denial of the fact that men can also be victims of domestic violence, and they also need support services.

Finally, all Indians must urge the Indian Government to stop US interference in the Indian Society and Indian Family System with the excuse of empowering women. When we do not allow Americans to interfere in Kashmir, how can we allow them to interfere in our state policies related to families?

We appeal to our media friends to bring these above issues to the notice of the public so that the truth will be out & our nation’s unity & integrity along with our strong family heritage will be preserved.


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