IMD Celebrations in Bangalore – November 19

November 21, 2010

National Coalition for Men, Bangalore Chapter celebrated the International Men’s Day on November 19 in the Forum Value Mall at Whitefield, Bangalore in association with Acoustics For You.

Here are some interesting observations and pictures of the same:-

1. Mostly men took the prizes by hitting right on the target after being told of the instructions.
2. Women mostly hit on the placards placed at the top and mostly at the “Men are Emotional Beings” placard.
3. There were many husbands who, on seeing a game and something for International Men’s Day wanted to come and play but their wives were stopping them. About 50% of them managed to make it there even though, their wives weren’t really willing in to join.
4. But once the women joined, they were game and shared some positive response about IMD being celebrated.

This was a unique opportunity to know how people actually feel and react to something being done for men and the overall outcome was everyone wanted something to be done, no one really wants to take a stand.

Reminds me of “Everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die”.

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