Men should get a separate coach in Metro

December 4, 2010

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New Delhi: An organization fighting for men’s rights has demanded a separate coach for men in metro trains.

The organization is of the view that men are not safe in Metro trains and hence there must be a separate coach for men in metro. In a petition addressed to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), and copied to the PMO, the Home Ministry and the Rail Ministry, the organization has sought public apology from DMRC as it has failed to provide a safe travel environment to its male passengers.

The organization by the name of National Coalition for Men has sent this petition citing an incident of last week wherein male passengers who had inadvertently stepped into a coach reserved for women were beaten up by the security staff.

Petition also states there have been multiple occasions wherein the reserved coaches go empty while the non-reserved ones are so jam-packed that it’s difficult to even step in. And even in those non-reserved a lot of women have been found to travel.

Even in non-reserved coaches, seats have been reserved for women yet they occupy other seats also. This creates a lot of difficulties for men to get seats, at times impossible. Moreover, many passengers are not even aware about the coaches being reserved.

The organization has also demanded for proper awareness about coaches being reserved so that men know that they are not supposed to enter coaches reserved for women.

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