Misandry in Sweden and Julian Assange’s tryst with it

December 13, 2010

A letter from a men’s rights activist in Sweden to the world about the hell called feminism in Sweden. Read it to know the reality.

Julian Assange had his own personal tragedy which turned his brown hair white. Julian Assange was born in 1971, in Australia. When Assange’s girlfriend gave birth to a child, he wanted to get custody of the kid. Assange fought a long and futile battle in the courts for custody and lost. The sum total of Assange’s experiences may have embittered him to all forms of authority. That could have been the premises for his desire to expose information.

And regarding the rape accusations made by the Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny. Ny is working in something the prosecution office calls “development department”. What they are developing are new even harder and deeply disturbing rape laws. This is something Marianne Ny and her sisters has worked to achieve for a long time. If they can convict Assange of “sex by accident“, they will be able to pass this new bill. They are already planning the construction of more prisons. I think they underestimated the number of people that saw through this though. They are used to get away with this. In Sweden the media is now writing about the “horrible hate against women that spreads on the net“. Either they are just plain stupid, brainwashed, or they are willfully spreading lies and propaganda. They have for years. That is why I think this new kind of journalism is a breath of fresh air. They are publishing a lot of damaging documents about Sweden too. And I have a field day every time another hypocrite gets exposed. This runs deeper than feminism. This corruption goes all the way to the top.

Feminisms main goal is to destroy the families. In Sweden they have done a hell of a job. And the governments of course benefits economically. Where there used to be only one in the household that you could charge for rent, taxes, give bank loans to etc, there are now two, Toyotas vice president once uttered in an interview “The more misandry we spread, the more cars we sell“. Toyota is now selling more cars to women than to men.

We need to see the bigger picture here. It’s all connected in one big fat mess. I believe that Assange who is a clever guy have realized. That is why he wants to hit them where it hurts. To just publish a few verdicts in custody cases wouldn’t change a thing.

Sweden has the second highest number of reported rape in the world; only beaten by “Lesotho” in Africa. From 1975 – 2005 the number of reported sex crimes has increased from 2000 a year to almost 16 000. This is totally according to the plans of the Swedish regime which are flourishing and making a lot of money by the wars on fathers and families. Hence the cries for new and more “effective” laws on rape are on the rise. It will be perfect to use it against us dads to separate us from our kids. The feminists have one big problem though. “Only” 10 percent of all men reported for rape or abuse get convicted; though a “reliable story” is often enough. So now they want to sharpen the laws so that they can jail more men. And this is why Marianne Ny went after Assange. If the “development” department gets a conviction, the bill can be passed.

2009 (last statistic from the prison authority) there were over 5000 men serving jail time in Sweden. Many innocently convicted of just sex crimes.  The number of incarcerated women was 294.

When you start to study the verdicts, you realize that they often are just as absurd as the Assange case, but men are being convicted and denied any chance of getting a retrial. In one case, just an example, a father was sentenced to 8 years for over 100 counts of rape against his daughter. 3 years into his sentence the daughter confessed she had lied, and she even got a medical statement saying she was still a virgin. But still he was denied a retrial. The prosecutor said “Well maybe he just entered a centimeter or so”. Only the guys lucky enough to have high profile cases, and thereby get a big journalist interested in their case have any shot at getting freed.

I am at the moment living with my 6 yr daughter in a so called investigation home. The CPS accused me of sexual molestation in March 2009. It has taken me almost two years of intense fighting on my blog to get to the bastards to agree to get access to her again, and start trying to repair at least a bit of the damage they have done to my girl. So I am under a tremendous stress at the moment. The mother has done her best to PAS her.

For the first time ever someone has gotten some international media attention to the Swedish stupid laws. Whether the charges of rape were part of a international conspiracy to get him extradited to the US, I don’t know, but I doubt it. You don’t have to be an international whistleblower to get charged with rape in Sweden. It´s easy; anyone can do it as long as they are men.

Assange is leading the vote for man of the year in Time magazine. So the opinion must be varied in the US too.

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