Men’s Rights Activists Protest in India

May 25, 2011

One of the main weapons against misandry in India is street protests by men’s rights activists. Though these protests involve a lot of preparation, logistics and mobilisation, they seem to give some results. Often, common people and media find it difficult to dismiss the issues raised by any gathering of substantial number of people, while feminists fume in anger.

On 7th May, we had a men’s rights protest in front of Town Hall of Bangalore (India) against feminism and all gender biased laws. More than 100 men, women and children protested together and shouted slogans for 3 hours. This was 9th protest in last 5 years of activism in Bangalore.

Pictures of the protest:

News of the protest was covered by many newspapers in last few days. Today, there was some coverage in news in local TV channels.

News before the protest:

It is always a challenge to sustain the numbers in the weekend support group meetings and protests. We could gather about 100 activists, while an estimated 5000 divorces are getting filed every year in Bangalore Courts and men face an average 5 cases in different courts, which run several years (Indian has one of the world’s slowest judicial system). Contested divorces take an average 6 years in a family court!!

I have attached the Press Release of the Protest along with this mail.


Anil Kumar

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